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Originally Posted by Rexluna View Post
@Momowolf: I'm jealous of your moves And I totally noticed that too. I dunno, maybe add hooks to the top or something. Maybe hooks that could come off? I dunno, everything I think of would be visible...
Haha naw, I'll do some cool aerials in your honour :3 When I first realised I wanted to cosplay her and saw the daggers I was like O__O "Riiiiigghhht. I can do that." XD But yes, I think I might try the magnet thingy, by first building them into my daggers and somehow sewing them into my clothes...

BTW! You + Morrigan = Teh Smexiness. Just sayin' :P

Originally Posted by Xavietta View Post
momowolf: I would try magnets. For my Leliana quiver I used snaps to snap it right to the back of the armour, but that only works if it doesn't need to be taken off. It'll take some planning, but if you build magnets into the construction of the sword and the back of the costume, it should work pretty well Defying physics FTW!
Thanks so much for the advice! I'll actually do that because it seems the most promising tactic. I SAW YOUR LELIANA! I totally flipped because it was so epic. Your attention to detail was just... So... Gah! *dies*

Originally Posted by Xavietta View Post
Anyone happen to have any pictures of Merrills default staff or the keepers staff? Many thanks if you do!
And yes, I happened to take many snap-snappies of both.
Ok I *somehow* managed to get the Keeper's staff (or something very similar) on my first playthrough, as mage.

Here: compare this to this. And if you're happy with that, then use this, this and this.

I also managed to get some good, albeit dark, shots of Merrill's staff here, here and here. (You can lighten them on Photoshop... Right? :S)

Hope that helps!
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