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Aw, I was gonna suggest the magnet thing for the "floating" look but someone beat me to it
Back when I was looking into Left 4 Dead cosplay, the trick for the floating med pack was magnets. As far as keeping them inplace you could always try to glue or tape them in the right spot on the inside of your shirt so it's not visible, depending on the strength of your magnet anyway. Some don't work with any interference.
There's also the option to make little pockets on the inside that you just stick the magnets into, that way they're removable without really damaging the outfit and are less likely to fall off etc.

Well enough about the magnets, lol.
I have a wig for Fenris being shipped. It's coming from china I guess so.. I hope to god they didn't screw me over, lol. I mean no offense, I just know a lot of people that order things from China get.. different things than what was ordered... Once I get the wig I plan to borrow my sister's synthetic elf ears to see if she has the right shape/size or if I need a different style from hers.
I also did some fabric shopping again and already started trying to make the pouches for his belt. Once I actually get anywhere I'll post some progress.

I also began the spraypainting on the gauntlet but realized that the paint is only making the tape lines a lot more visible. It might take quite a few coats to cover them or I move to another plan and cover them with another material before I paint. Any suggestions are welcome. If I can get rid of the tape lines the paint is looking really good at least.

Sorry for the long post

To anyone planning on cosplaying Fenris, the buttons on this vest/tunic are called toggles. It took me like 3 hours to figure that out via web searching. I'm not technical when it comes to clothing. Makes it a lot easier to find materials when you know what they're called

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