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Thanks for the pix momowolf! I still can't decide which one I want to make though. I think I might go with her default staff since it's more simplified and earthy looking (it is to me anyway) And thank you for the compliments on my Leiliana!! ^^ I hope I finish her soon lol

I styled my wig yesterday as well as print the tattoos. The glue for the tattoos had to dry over night, so today I was able to take some test shots!

My ears are massive, I'm currently looking for a different kind that don't stick out so much. But the tattoos worked out awesome!!!! (too bad the pictures are kind of small and you can't really see them...) I'm sad that I have to take them off; I don't think my work would approve lol

Favieko: Good luck with your wig! I've ordered wigs from China and have never had a problem; I think it's mostly costume pieces people have trouble with. But that's just my experience. I can't wait to see some progress pictures!
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