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Here's a few questions regarding the brainstorming of making a Cynthia Ghost costume.

Okay #1: Shoe color. In the art work of the ghost they look black, but that could just be shadow:
In the official game Cythina's are red:

I was thinking I would go with black, because it looks more like the ghost image and it more ominous. However, if I do that perhaps all my other questions don't matter.

#2: Should the ghost's shirt be a bit translucent? What I mean by this is that Cynthia, pre death, has a some what see-thru top on:
Although the artwork (seen above) and this skin capture:
Don't seem to be translucent, it could add to the costume. Also, you'll notice in the skin photo that the skirt is the same as well, its just muddied up. That's why I kinda feel like she should look a bit more like her pre-death self.

#3: Face BLOOD! These two art photos have been connected back to Cynthia:
However, again, the actual game art does not have red around her mouth as such. I'm thinking with the blood (just cause I like me a bit of blood) but again, I'd love to hear opinions.
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