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My mom's always been weird about my crossplaying. I told her when I was 15 or 16 that I might be transgender and she never really listened. I still don't know, though. She's convinced that its just a phase, even though I'm 22 now. As I lose weight, I'm more comfortable with my body, but I still actually like being mistaken for a boy. As it is now, my entire family has gotten so used to me crossplaying at conventions that they don't say anything to my face, but there's always this awkward feeling around them whenever I wear my chest binder or something and its not convention time.
My mom gets really depressed/upset if I talk about how much I dislike my breasts, though. She'll tell me to shut up if I even mention getting them reduced or removed. (I have large C cups)
I hate those days when I wake up with only one hand.
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