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Just back from KitaCon - what a FAB time! I've never been photographed so much! It was pure AWESOME making up the trio of Starlights. Im so happy we had all three together. Theres a special feeling when you're all together. ^_^
Costume wise umm I didn't manage to finish my pvc boot covers and the pvc gloves..they are so hard to do! I had to ditch them last minute cuz the fingers were not going right, so I used my satin arm gloves as backups.

Lots of love for the Sailor Starlights at the con ^_^ Being Maker was such a pleasure. I felt very strong - in a female way, if that makes sense. ..and also Very sexy. :P

No still photos uploaded yet but I found the first vid of our masquerade walk on so you can see how our cosplays turned out. hope you guys like what we did.
(ffwd to 3:45)
Cosplay plans 2012
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