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Originally Posted by benihime View Post
@tarinalove - casa satin is my favorite because it's satin but not too shiny. I used it for my princess sakura cosplay.

I wouldn't use water color paint on fabric. Everyone talks highly about jacquard paints and I ordered some for my next fabric. there's opaque colors as well
I am not using water color paint, I am using fabric paints and dilluting it with water in a sponge then applying to the fabric to give it the water color effect as seen in the manga.
I do not know if satin will hold paints since the fabric is synthetic and polyster.

I use satin for my regular moon and imo, super moon has 0 shine, but i need some sparkle because this is a stage costume and it will help reflect light. I am really against cotton for fukus and satin for super moon. Unless I purchase satin lycra. I am looking into various spandex from spandexworld though.

probably use this:

i am gonna do a test on my current lycra though once i purchase blue and yellow.
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