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Originally Posted by tfcreate View Post
The title says it all.
Stability is the key:

Oh yes... don't forget to breathe... I know, it sounds silly. But if you hold your breath for a few seconds your pulse will rise, causing your camera to move in perfect rhythm with your now bounding heart rate.
I would like to build on your ideas about holding a camera steady:

Your suggestions will probably be helpful to some, or many, but everybody has a difference way we are built. In my experience, there is no one-technique-fits-all, when it comes to holding a camera steady. A variation or different technique might work better for some. Also, different terrain, or different angles will not allow us to stand as you described. Sometimes we might need to be very low to the ground by sitting, crouching, kneeling, laying on our stomach, etc.

Regarding breathing: I choose to hold my breath when I use very slow shutter speeds, like 1/8th, 1/15, 1/30th, etc. If I breathe when I press the shutter, my body will move more than if I hold my breath during the moment of clicking the shutter. Breathing makes my chest move. I can't afford any extra movement when I use slow shutter speeds. After I take the photo, I breathe in between shots. This works much better for me.

Thank you for contributing your experiences to help others tfcreate.

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