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Originally Posted by hollowchrist View Post
Okay. I've ordered contacts for Chibi Moon and I'm browsing the sculpey for the best price so I can make that darn brooch.

I want to do one more costume for Dragon*Con this year but I can't decide if I want to try and do a Civilian ChibiUsa or something completely non-Sailor Moon, or another character from Sailor Moon. Hrm.

Anybody know of any cute outfits ChibiUsa wears? Other than her school uniform? If I had any sense of fashion I'd just put together something.. The wig makes it pretty obvious who I am, you know? Blahh.
Where are you getting your Chibi-Usa contacts from? Because she has red eyes and another character I'm doing has red eyes and I'm having trouble finding a satisfactory pair.

Also, try look through these artbooks, Chibi-Usa has many adorable clothing in them:

@Ranma: Coar blimey, that was hot stuff xD You all really strutted your stuff and owned that catwalk! Amazing cosplays as well. I loved how Granny Gertrude shouted "Dayum" in the background!
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