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Holy cow, Ranma! You all looked absolutely stellar! Congrats on getting the costume done in time, it looks absolutely amazing!

I'm incredibly hyper right now; my leotard came in the mail! Hooray! Now I finally feel like I can actually get started on this thing! Fabulosity, I'm glad I went with your suggestion for the leotard! It fits a little snug so I'm very relieved that I got the XL (maybe some exercise will help me shed a few inches, haha). I couldn't believe how soft it was, and how well the lining for the front actually works! Wow!

Time to get cracking on this thing!

EDIT: I'm having a fun time making practice skirts out of paper, to get the whole box pleat/knife pleat thing nailed down. It's amazing what you can do with a little bit of math and finding patterns! I've made 2 so far, the first one the box pleats are too narrow and the knife pleats too wide, the second one the other way around, haha. Sleep time now, but I think I know what to do to hit the nail on the head for the third one. *Makes notes to herself*
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I know I'm supposed to leave the answering to SV, but: hi, I'm Sam's wife.

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