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Originally Posted by KitKatCaughtcha View Post
I'm new to this, but I'm from Maryland (HoCo) and go to UMD, so I'm down in CP mot of the year.

I noticed people were posting about Sakura Matsuri, and I just wanted to spazz a little and let everyone know that my school's club (JASA) is doing a performance during it. A dance routine with all Japanese music and hip hop, cutesy dance and Soran Bushi. It's especially funny because we are doing school girl costumes for the middle dance for both the girls and guys!!
I'm actually in charge of doing the details for those costumes. :P

I was really interested in posting in this group though since I'm in the Maryland area.
(Sorry I rambled so much about my club in the middle...)
i go to University of MD University College but i'm apart of Jingu Bridge, the japanese fashion club!
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