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Clea from ebay "Cleacn"

Name of Commissioner: Clea
Character commissioned: Luka Megurine (Sandplay) dress
Pictures: What I bought , what I received in description
Timeline: About 5-6 weeks ish
The eBay store is charming and contains seemingly super well-made, accurate, and BEAUTIFUL dresses and outfits from various series. Their eBay ratings are pretty darn high, and the eBay reviews often say "exactly like the picture," "fits nicely," and "beautifully constructed." I decided to take the risk and purchase their "Ruka Luxury Updated [Vocaloid] cosplay."

Their communication was nice and easy to understand. When I would email them, which was three times, they responded pretty much within 24 hours or so. They were polite and straight to the point. I was not aware of the "we have a lot of orders, making time is now 1-2 months" and I had to check online. Since that was majorly inhibiting my deadline, I simply told them my deadline and they put a rush order on it. It came in a giant cloth bag. We had to pick it up because it was express and could have been damaged in the mail. When it actually shipped, it was only 2-3 days!

The dress itself is well constructed. Here's the entire thing (on the floor). It has a built in petticoat, which I was really skeptical about, but it ended up being perfect and keeps it fluffed. It had quite a bunch of random threads and fuzzies on it, but I picked them all off. The bodice is very nice and has pearly details. It, unfortunately, had to be assembled. The gold details were not on the black bodice part. No Gold. The Iron-On gold swirly details were shipped in a small ziplock bag, along with the golden chain which is super long, the two blue gems (which are like hairclips), strings of pearls, and hairpins with nice rhinestones and pearls on them (all of these can be seen here and here!) The buttbow is perky but is only held on with two supplied pins. The chestbow is nice, but the dangly tails are serged with white thread, as well as the red, white and black stripes, which is a turn off. The arm sleeves are good and fit well. My most major problem with this dress is the purple part of the dress on the bottom. It's pretty much the only thing that is majorly different from the picture. Instead of being bubbly and raunched, it is bubbled in a way that the 'bubbles' look like petals. They're too even. The black tulle parts on the bottom are pieces, not one or two giant layers. I actually like it more.

All in all, it was a good buy. It's my prom dress as well, so I have to make major alterations on it (to be walkable and danceable). It's long just like the picture, and has long tulle pieces that drag.

Final Grade: B
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