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Originally Posted by tarinalove View Post
Why latex?

Every moon costume I've seen with latex ASIDE from Stars looks funky. And her Eternal outfit is so etheral and flowy. Not very plastic-like.

Her sleeves are puff sleeves and have a simple foam circle (which is easy to make if you follow ranma's tutorial which is posted in THIS thread. Just cut a square piece of foam, roll it "edge to edge" and hand sew the edges closed. :} Cover with white lycra, leave an inch seam to attach to main puff sleeves. (You could also add elastic like princess puff sleeves in between the roll and fabric)

I'll be updating that soon with resources for making props and stuff. :}
I think you're thinking of vinyl. The latex I'm going to use is very flowy (it's a thin gauge recommended for ruffles and flowy things) and doesn't look plasticy unless I want it to, I can control the 'shiny plasticness' of it which is why I like it! =D

For the sleeves I'm actually casting them from silicon to make them a solid round flexible sphere, but the rolls will be interesting to make, I've made them kind of once before but I was working with stretch vinyl and nylon chord and I wasn't happy with the texture the chord had, but they were perfect rolls other than that. Just have to find something else to put inside. Thinking rubber tubing if I can find it in the right size.
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