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Originally Posted by BraveKnight View Post
*Is about to explode* I want it to be Saturday like RIGHT NOW -.-

For the people who have been to Sakura Matsuri before... can anyone tell me how packed it gets? Should I arrive like SUPER early to avoid traffic? Is the line real bad? Do the stands take debit/credit cards? ><

God I want to NOM NOM NOM on some Sushi and Ramen...
I would park outside of DC and take the metro in if you can (to avoid the whole issue of navigating around the closed off streets while trying to locate parking that's near the festival).

There was no line to get _in_ last year because there was no fence, but lines at places selling food looked pretty long.

The metro was super-congested last year, and the festival itself was pretty packed, especially near any booth selling Japanese food, but:
a) the weather was nice
b) the festival was free, I'm not sure if it'll be as crowded this year ($5 admission + chance of rain in the forecast)
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