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Name of Merchant: AMAX (mens' accessories)
*Japan only
Items purchased: Edward Elric's pocketwatch from Fullmetal Alchemist.
Links to picture(s) of your items recieved: coming
Timeline (how long your order took to process): about one week

As keen as I am on making accessories, I am no watchmaker. Time to call in a professional!

Pros: The item looks exactly as it appears in display photos. The size, color and design are all as-shown and the watch is quite lovely to look at. It makes for a pretty spiffy looking watch, cosplay accessory shelf-life aside and I'll use it for daily shennanigans too, because hey, it's cool and I'm an FMA geek.

The watch is in perfect working order and even arrived set to the proper time and already running. Well packaged and marked breakable, it was hand-delivered by courier. I paid when I recieved it (collect on delivery).

I opted for this particular watch over three dozen others because the design is raised and has a classy non-costumey look about it.

"Don't Forget 3 Oct 11" is engraved on the inside lid and the alchemic symbol shows on the watch face. There is an hour, minute and second hand. The back of the watch case has "fullmetal alchemist" engraved in it in English lettering.

Cons: It cost me about $70 at the end of the day. Granted, in Japan, that's not really saying much (everything is expensive here) but I did pass up a handful of cheaper, less classy alternatives that probably would have worked just as well. It's my own fault for wanting "the nice one". Given that it's a knock-off, it probably isn't worth the price-tag but it is a damnned well-done fake and I'm happy with it.

Final Comments: I got what I wanted quickly with no hassle. It's nice and it works. No complaints.

Final Grade: A
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