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Is it possible to merge this post with my previous Epic cosplay rating? It is a follow-up.

After I posted the rating, I was contacted by Epic Cosplay because one of the members saw that I was unsatisfied. I received a refund for my shipping, as well as $14 back towards my wig purchase.

I also had a wig sent to my friend's house and two of our other friends sent it there as well. Well she received two of the wigs but never got mine. This ended up being back in Jan and I just found out about it because she only thought two wigs were ordered. We didn't check because we couldn't wear our cosplays to that con so we just didn't mess with them for a while.

Even though this was a while ago EC sent me another wig free of charge, and it was the right wig and very nice.

I would like to change their rating to a solid B.
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