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Well, the terrible winter weather here killed my motivation to go shopping for supplies and work on costumes so it looks like I’ll just be rewearing a lot of my old stuff and won’t have anything completely new for Costume Con. I am working on a new costume at the moment but I’ll be at Anime Boston the weekend before so it’ll most likely debut there.

SF&F group plans fell through a few months back due to various real life issues; it was just turning out to be bad timing for everyone. :-/ And I don’t feel anything I have done is elaborate enough that I especially want to enter it at Costume Con so I’m not planning to do any of the competitions this year.

I feel kind of lame for it but I’ve also given up on trying to do something for the Broadway theme. I love musicals but I just couldn’t come up with anything I especially wanted to make that wouldn’t have required much more money and time than I’d be willing to spend on a costume I might not have a good opportunity to wear again. I guess I’ll just bring my Tamaki ballgown since it’s a Takarazuka (a Japanese all-female theatre troupe) parody and some other sparkly costumes.

Unfortunately, I think most of the local cosplayers who were thinking about attending are out now due to the NYC cherry blossom festival being that weekend; a lot of them go to take pictures with the blossoms and the festival started including a cosplay fashion show last year. Some of my friends are involved with events and two people had to drop out of my prospective SF&F group because they’re supposed to be vendors at the festival. After the festival dates were announced, I think I’ve only heard 2 or 3 of my local friends still mention possibly going to Costume Con.

I was so excited when I found out at CC27 that this year’s Costume Con would be in NJ and with a Broadway theme but now I just feel kind of blah about it with various plans having fallen through.

And out of curiosity, does anyone know of possible locations for Costume Con in 2014? If I remember correctly, voting is supposed to take place at the con but I don’t believe I’ve heard about any bids. Wondering because the next two years’ locations are too far away for me to attend.
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