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Originally Posted by Foreversh View Post
Hello, nice to meet everyone... Though it looks like only 3 or 4 people are active in this forum :|

I've never actually cosplayed, but am extremely interested in doing so. The only problem is lack of people to cosplay with.... Well, also, I cannot sew at all. Home ec classes back in middle school don't count and back home, I know people who can sew costumes for me >_<

I am also into Lolita fashion, but have never seen anyone in Korea wearing such!

I'll be in Korea until the end of August. Sort of hoping to go to a con, but I don't want to go without a costume :P
yeah there arent many people who hang out here lol and most of us have met irl ^ ^; so we talk through text or that sort of thing

well, i dont think there is anything wrong with store bought costumes. ^ ^ and if you wanna sew, i say go for it! everyone had to start somewhere! im still learning myself. ^ ^

There are ctually lolita meets pretty often Ive been told. But 3 giant ones a year normally. I guess even famous designers show up sometimes too ^ ^~

LOL if all else fails you can wear animal pajamas (kigurumi) or lolita to the con. ^ ^
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