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Name of Commissioner: ----K a l i e d o K i s s Wigs----
Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game: Blue Wig for Main Protag in Persona 3
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:

Timeline: (you have to request early) it takes the average time; 2 weeks for wig to be ordered then arrive, + 1 week to style and luckily I live local so the pick-up was on the following weekend. Price is really good ($40), which is decent since the advantage is that it'll be custom-styled to the way you want.

Describe your Experience: Pros: I am quite satisfied that I picked their group as my first local wig stylist as well as good price! Friendly and patient, they did a stellar job on the styling, even follow my drawn diagrams and explain every detail. Their choice in wig was great too, the colour was rich and just the right type.

Cons: Not much at all. Only downside is mostly in email attachments. We only have a problem sending photos, luckily I was able to receive majority of the process photos.

Final Grade: A
(may come back for more complicated wigs)
2011 Cosplay List - Anime North:

1# Cheria Barnes (need pink wig)
In progress: Costume - box-pleat skirt and long-sleeve shirt

#2 Kuroyuki-hime (ordered: purple-mix long wig)
In progress: custom making of gothic lolita dress

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