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Name of Merchant: m.i.a.cos
*Japan only
Items purchased: Marisa costume set from Touhou Project.
Links to picture(s) of your items recieved: coming
Timeline (how long your order took to process): 20 minutes

I went into a shop in Akihabara and found this for 5% off. It was cute, it was complete and I bought it!

Pros: For what amounts to a bagged fetish-costume, it's damnned classy, accurate and complete down to including the buttons I'd need to fix the only accuracy issue myself. All of the underthings and accessories are included. Colors are bright and vibrant. The hat and hair tie both have color alternates included. The skirt is a full circle and the fabric is heavy-duty with no see-through spots visible when completely-worn (the white fabric does show colored undergarments when worn alone, though no more than any other white garment sold at retail).

It fits nicely for me, though I'm usually a Japanese L and this "M" is really a "one size fits most" M far closer to a large. Mia has since expanded their sizing scheme a bit, but I think they still run a bit large.

One thing that makes me VERY happy about mia is that they support men's sizing. In the Touhou community, that's a huge plus and I have to pat them on the back for not being dicks about pricing the men's costumes significantly higher or making them custom-only. Good show.

Cons: Smaller people might be troubled by the one-size-fits all "M" sizing and real mediums may wonder why it hangs on them like a tent...

The hat's a bit floppy on the brim and could use a bit more perk.

Buttons on the blouse must be added manually, which could be trouble for someone who doesn't sew.

It's difficult to judge costume quality and color from the website. Photos have the contrast and brightness pumped to the point that it's impossible to see details or what the costume will look like on a cosplayer rather than a softcore porn idol who isn't bothering with a wig ^^;;; On the up-side, this leads to mostly pleasant surprises when the costumes finally reach your hands: they look nicer on you than they do on mia's site... maybe that's the point?

Final Comments: A lovely and very complete costume that looks far more expensive and classy on a real human being than it does on the fetish model on the website. miacos has pricing and sizing issues and may not be the classiest of the retailers, but it does make a damned good budget costume. I'd have paid twice what I paid for this and still have been happy. It's that complete and looks that nice on ^____^

Final Grade: A

(I'm so pleased that I just ordered two more)
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