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Name of Merchant: fancyuush
Item purchased: GINTAMA KAGURA Dark Orange short cosplay wig
Links to picture(s) of your received item:
Out of the bag shots WITH flash:

Out of the bag shots WITHOUT flash:


Timeline (how long your order took to process): Bought March 29th, shipped in another day or two, arrived today April 7th. Just over a week.
Describe your Experience.:
After having trouble with Cyperous's website and customer service, I decided to say screw it and try a cheaper ebay wig for my Kagura cosplay, since prestyled wigs for her are so plentiful (and I was having second thoughts on blowing $100+ after shipping on a wig I wasn't sure I'd wear for more than one costume). I decided to go with this one since several sellers seemed to carry this same stockpic/product, the seller had good feedback, and this was the cheapest listing ($26 w/ free ship). The wig was sent with the base wig in one package, the detachable buns in another, and a free wignet.

The fibers are your typical Chinese heat resistant fibers- on the downside, fibers are waxy/slippery and shiny especially under flash (though no moreso than say New Look or Cosworx's old wigline), and sometimes shed; on the upside they're very soft and easily-brushable. The styling and color is completely accurate to the stock photo, down to the buns being separately pieced (which was my number one concern with prestyled Kagura wigs, as sometimes sellers glue the buns onto the base wig) so that I could clip my buncovers over the pigtails. The wig is thick with a very roomy wigcap, almost a bit too roomy for my small head (there is quite a lot of space leftover in the back skinpart/nape). The only problem I have with the wig is that there are some spots along the hairline where the cap/netting is exposed a bit, like where the pigtails being pulled up and the bangs being let down meet.

Overall, definitely a good deal.

Final Grade: A
In Progress:
Klan Klang (Lovely Bomber) - Macross Frontier: SnT - (15%- Sewing and logistics)
Jam Kuradoberi - Guilty Gear - (95%- new wig+touchups)
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