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Originally Posted by Magical Machete View Post
hmmm im not sure. ^ ^; But! if you want, there are a lot of book stores all over korea that sell japanese manga and they have quite a variety. ^ ^
Ah yeah ^_^ I've checked out Kyobo and Youngpoong. Do you know of any others that may sell manga? Those are the only bookstores I know because that's pretty much all Daegu has :|

Would you happen to know where I could get random stuff related to anime, like anime notepads, file folders, etc... that aren't One Piece, Hitman Reborn, or Black Butler? Sorry for asking so many questions~~

Hmm~ On another note, I bought a relatively simple costume online. I wanted a more intricate one, but I'm thinking it would suck to try to bring a more elaborate (and heavier) costume back home to Canada along with 2 years worth of stuff when I go back... Gonna try to make it to the May 15th one as that's the weekend of my boyfriend's birthday.
Would you recommend the Saturday or Sunday date? Is any one less crowded than the other?

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