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@ Foreversh:
If you can read Korean, there are lots of online stores that import manga and manga related stuff... If you want to find an actual shop, you'll need to look for hobby stores, and even they won't have much. (I think I saw one in Hongdae or Edae, but those are in Seoul...)

As for bringing home costumes... I've spent my 1.5 years in Korea amassing 30+ costumes, 10+ shoes, 5+ large props and a gazillion small props and manga related things, and had to spend about $300~350 to bring them back. (Even had to leave a 120cm sword that cost around $300 at relative's place because it was too big and I didn't want to break it T-T).
That took up 1/3 of the things I was sending back lol.
If you live in the states or Canada, there's a service called DreamBag that'll cost around $120 to send about 35kgs of stuff in a oversized bag. ($99ea for addinal bags!)
It usually costs around $90~100 to send a large box through EMS, so it's a good deal, and if you think your things will survive through a month-long sea trip, go ahead and splurge on those costumes~
I packed all my stuff with bubblewrap and boxes before stuffing them in the provided bag, and they came a-okay!

As for the convention, from what I know, most stuff happens in Saturday, so Sunday should be less crowded...
If you're looking for photo opportunities, the photographers and photo-happy cosplayers crowd around the bridge behind the SETEC building, and some might hand out cards for where you can get your photo.

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