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I've got a question about using the Green Pepper pattern. My friends and I discussed that, in an attempt to hide our flaws, we should not use a spandex fabric. Little did I know that this pattern calls for stretch fabric, as the pattern pieces are not made to scale, but to how it should fit once it's stretched. I can't remember what kind of fabric I bought, but it's kind of cottony and kind of like a jersey knit, too, so it stretches a little, but not as much as the pattern calls for.

So is it doable to use this fabric and just overestimate the size of the pieces and just modify it like that? Has anyone made their costume without a spandex fabric? I am, indeed, underweight for my height, and I think that using something that's going to stick to my frame will look really unflattering, so I was hoping using something stiffer will make me look more 'shapely'.

If I can't get this to work, what other patterns work these days? I haven't looked into any other ones yet since I was going to try and work out the Green Pepper pattern. Any tips will be greatly appreciated!
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