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Would anyone have any information on buying coloured contacts? Like, a site~ I'm currently debating over whether or not to make an attempt to explain to an optometrist(who does not speak English) that I want non-prescription contact lenses with a red tint... Online seems like an easier venture

I can read Korean, but understanding it is a whole different ball game :P However, I've found that stores mainly have Black Butler, Hitman Reborn, and One Piece, which do not interest me at all. Just seeing if there were other options out there for manga-related items^_^

It's nice to know about a service like Dreambag. Oddly, I cannot find any information on it. Typing in Dreambag leads me to a baby site. Would you happen to have a url for me to look up? If things work out with this cosplay, then perhaps I'll try a more extravagant cosplay next time ^_^
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