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Well, so lately I was thinking about next years cosplays and realised they are both Sailor Moon. I've been thinking of doing Sera Myu Eternal Sailor Moon and Princess Serenity.
Right, since making my Neo Queen Serenity, I really like the pattern I used, but the fabric however...Not so much.

I did kind of liked the georgette that I used to go over the main skirt and *may* use it again. But what other material would look nice for the layers on top of the main skirt - I heard chiffon is nice to use. Also, I'd really like the main skirt underneath and the bodice to be made out of a matte fabric - so no satin this time (I used Crepe Satin) - what are some good matte fabrics to use? Apparently cotton isn't a great choice of fabric to use, so what is?

Sorry, I'm not used to asking questions but I would like my Serenity to be nice and crisp.
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