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Originally Posted by jjcpammc09 View Post
No one answered my question on the school uniform. How did you make the shirt? I would like to do both the Junior High and High School, summer and winter.
I would like to add that even though stiffer/thicker fabric might look better for school shirts (so they keep their shape better) a completely non-stretch fabric makes it hard to lift your arms if you follow a basic t-shirt pattern. You need something with at least a little bit of stretch, or accommodate with folds in the back like on men's dress shirts (but that would just look silly on a sailor uniform shirt...).

Originally Posted by erickste View Post
I don't know how that seam is going to look in the back, and I am really, really picky about details. I'm going to keep going and try and see how this looks, otherwise, I might just attempt at buying a leotard and building it up from there, because I don't have a lot of money to play around with. I am one to blow a couple hundred just on trial-and-erroring alone. >.<
This is what the back looks like for the Green Pepper Pattern: Sailor Neptune

(It's a little puckery at the sides but that's because I made the leg elastic larger thinking it would be more comfortable, but it kind of kept it from keeping it's shape and the skirt kept riding up *gak*)

Most pictures aren't going to be from the back. This is the only picture I've got from the back, but I'd rather have one seam at the back than a noticeable one on the side.
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