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Originally Posted by Naffisnevercool View Post
Basically I used Lynleigh's sleeve style but only creating two sleeve rolls. Then, using snaps, I created a third seperate roll and the sheer piece for the Super Sailor Mode. I have pictures to explain it a bit better than I could in a verbal sense.
Aahh, I see! Snaps FTW! Haha.

Oh! So you sewed the sleeves onto another piece of fabric for the under-bust seam? Very smart! I guess you sewed it on to your leotard then?

I started working on my collar today, YAY! Finally feeling like I'm getting work accomplished! I followed Lynleigh's tutorial and actually made a pattern because I suck at free-handing, haha. I used it and cut out the fabric today and pinned it, if I have time then I'll sew it all up tomorrow, too tired to get the sewing machine out of the car and all set up lol. (I'm so thankful Sailor Saturn doesn't have any ribbon to deal with, it makes things so much easier)
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I know I'm supposed to leave the answering to SV, but: hi, I'm Sam's wife.
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