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Originally Posted by YuffieK View Post
hey guys~ I have a question,
for the back of the seifuku, where the bow is, does the hip roll/top of the skirt come down to a point in the back just like the front, or is it just straight across...? I tried watching the transformation sequences and I still couldn't tell x_x lol
Not sure if it counts, but when Chibi Moon does her Moon Prism Power transformation, it looks like it comes to a point in the back (though it's not as sharp or deep as the one in the front?) (high quality for this video is amazing!)

But since the bow is going to be covering it at the back anyway, I don't think it would matter too much. I'm considering making mine straight across at the back, just to make the bow attachment a little easier.
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I know I'm supposed to leave the answering to SV, but: hi, I'm Sam's wife.
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