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Originally Posted by YuffieK View Post
hey guys~ I have a question,
for the back of the seifuku, where the bow is, does the hip roll/top of the skirt come down to a point in the back just like the front, or is it just straight across...? I tried watching the transformation sequences and I still couldn't tell x_x lol
It's a 'V' shape in the back as well but it looks like less of a dip than in the front. Forgive me for sounding perverted, but there's a tumblr dedicated to Sailor Moon Panty Shots and there are screencaps as well as pictures of how the resin figures are designed. (There are some ranchy cosplay pics too though - be warned x.x) That's how I figured it out when I was researching the shape...

Originally Posted by RoseHanabira View Post
Aahh, I see! Snaps FTW! Haha.

Oh! So you sewed the sleeves onto another piece of fabric for the under-bust seam? Very smart! I guess you sewed it on to your leotard then?
The sleeves are sewn to the upper armor and I just pull that on like a shirt over the leotard actually. Layers - WOO!

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