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Wow, everyone has made so much progress on their cosplays! Dragon age cosplay love !

But I have a question :/ because I'm new at this...

I was planning out my Isabela cosplay and I think everything is working out, (and yes, I will be wearing shorty pants under, unlike her >.>) but then I remember she has all that bloody jewellery! And I just have no idea how to go about this, because I want it to look good and like its golden...but i lack epic powaahh tools or anything like that..what materials should I use?

So any Morrigan cosplayers who've made morrigans jewellery, how did you do that? or anyone who's worked with making cosplay jewellery in general, how to make??

And she has a stud on her chin...I suppose glueing the stud onto my face, but piercing is out! Is there a special kind of face glue..?

Also, I am so excited to see when that Fenris cosplay from Bhutas is all finished <3 squee!

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