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I'm working on an Empire State Building cosplay, and I'm pretty sure that's going to get lots of attention, even if it's not from an established series, or a recreation of somebody else's character. It's hard to ignore an illuminated headdress that makes its wearer 6.5-7 feet tall, for starters. And the robes are gonna be gorgeous, multilayerered things. That and the chest armour, glossy black and silver. A fair number of architectural elements are gonna be worked into this thing- the 5th ave lobby windows, the sunburst patterns from the mosaic on the lobby wall, and even the fantastic assortment of sunburst designs from the lobby ceilings. So if this thing works, it's going to be incredible.

Some of the most interesting cosplays I saw at Halcon were OC's. The zombie nurse with zombie baby, a Steampunk exterminator couple, and even a steampunk plague doctor. I didn't mind going up to people and saying "You look awesome, who/what are you?" It certainly led to some cool conversations. Likewise, my outfit for the first night was an original creation, pulled together from stuff out of my closet-A black and gold qipao, a set of belly dancer's Isis wings, and a gold sunburst crown. I got lots of compliments, and a few people told me that my costume was the subject of a lot of discussion "That looks so cool, what is she?"
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