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Did Carrotanime go under?

Okay, so this year I didn't want to go through the trouble of making my second costume for Anime Expo, so I thought I'd order it from Carrotanime since it was kind of just to fill in the space of Ciel for my friend's Kuroshitsuji group. I've heard they're kind of slow, but are very responsive. Well it's been about two months since I've ordered and I'm getting a little nervous with July slowly creeping up. So I've been emailing them at LEAST once a week, asking about my costume but I haven't had a SINGLE reply!

I'm only 16, so I'd really rather avoid taking any kind of legal action right now. (But of course I will if I must) Does anyone know if there's something up with them? Did they get sued out then yin yang, and aren't functioning any more? Their site is still up, so I doubt it...but I'd really like some insight about them if anyone has any.

It would be greatly appreciated!
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