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Originally Posted by AleriaCarventus View Post
Here's a question: Leaving photoshoots aside, just focusing on 'hall pictures', are you more likely to take a picture if the person is attractive, or if their costume's well done?
Excellent question, I do a lot of hallway photography (just breaking into photoshoots) so I hope I can answer this for you.
There's three things that catch my eye regarding hallway shots:
-A character I know
-A cosplayer who has put a lot of heart into their costume
-An attractive or body that compliments the cosplay.

Point #3 doesn't mean they are super hot bomb shell. I've seen plenty of cosplayers who are meaty and really bring out their work. To be honest, everyone deserves a photo of their cosplay, not only the cream of the crop. They put effort into their cosplay and they should have a photograph to remember it by.
Although I should add a disclaimer that I tend to only process the ones I feel reflect well in my portfolio. I've been trying to get out of quantity over quality.
With that said, I mainly go to conventions to show off the hard work of others as it is also a great photo opportunity.
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