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Originally Posted by Axelai View Post
Do you do all your own photo editing, or do you sometimes allow the model to edit the photos a bit?
I do my own regular editing; would not allow anybody else to edit without a written agreement. My main reason partly is I do not care for later prettification; come already as you would like to be.

I ask because the three photographers I've ever done much with, they've all sent me the raw files and I edited them myself
Axelai, receiving raw profiles instead of processed ones by default is obnoxious, I think.

(as I'm self conscious about the bit of acne that shows through my makeup, as well as a few other things). And this isn't for like, crazy photo manipulation things. Just very normal looking shots.
Did they tell (or you ask) why they were not giving processed files?

Did you specifically ask to them clear the skin even jokingly? If so, then that may be reason to avoid skin editing. That could be due to lack of such experience, or prospect of offending you due to too much or too little editing. In any case, giving raw files would be an, well, three, exceptions for various reasons.

Utterances of wedding & model photographers that I read seem to indicate your expectations about editing are normal.

Then again "normal" is relative, as you just saw.

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