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Originally Posted by Axelai View Post
Here's a question, I'm genuinely wondering.

Do you do all your own photo editing, or do you sometimes allow the model to edit the photos a bit?

I ask because the three photographers I've ever done much with, they've all sent me the raw files and I edited them myself (as I'm self conscious about the bit of acne that shows through my makeup, as well as a few other things). And this isn't for like, crazy photo manipulation things. Just very normal looking shots.

So... is what i do the norm? Or the exception?
More like an exception. All the photographers I know edit their pictures themselves and consider it to be part of their work.
I'm a bit touchy myself on the subject and highly prefer when the cosplayer asks me for specific edits (I always send the set to the cosplayer before publishing, so that he can say when something doesn't fit him).

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