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Originally Posted by parv View Post
I do my own regular editing; would not allow anybody else to edit without a written agreement. My main reason partly is I do not care for later prettification; come already as you would like to be.

Axelai, receiving raw profiles instead of processed ones by default is obnoxious, I think.

Did they tell (or you ask) why they were not giving processed files?
They could have if they wanted to, but it was just sort of... easier to give me the raws on a flash drive, I guess.

Did you specifically ask to them clear the skin even jokingly? If so, then that may be reason to avoid skin editing. That could be due to lack of such experience, or prospect of offending you due to too much or too little editing. In any case, giving raw files would be an, well, three, exceptions for various reasons.
Its not that they avoided it. Its just that the photographers I'm friends with and have worked with more of edit the lighting, effects, etc, and not exactly skin blemishes. I didn't bring it up to them, since with my two friends, they know I'm just going to edit that myself, and they'll go from there if they want to.

Originally Posted by Ashurachan View Post
More like an exception. All the photographers I know edit their pictures themselves and consider it to be part of their work.
I'm a bit touchy myself on the subject and highly prefer when the cosplayer asks me for specific edits (I always send the set to the cosplayer before publishing, so that he can say when something doesn't fit him).
Understandable. Thats the vibe I was getting, which was why it was so odd to me since I usually edit them myself. That might just be a trust thing with my photographers, though, as they're my friends as well.

Originally Posted by Eriol View Post
I do my own photo editing and retouching, and I have had no problems from cosplayers I have shot. They have all been very happy to receive photos that were not your typical "con photos." Only once did I get a request for additional skin retouching, because the retouching was not adequate to deal with "shiny foreheads."

Your case, where you were handed the unretouched photos, is not something I would ever do, nor do I think any experienced and well-known photographers in the con circuit should do.
Er... okay. I mean, I understand why you wouldn't, nor would I ever ask any photographer other than my friends, but I do think it is somewhat rude to say no one should do things just because you don't. I do believe my own edits on the photos came out good, and my photographers liked my edits and kept them. If there were a problem with it, they'd have not given me permission in the first place.

Thank you everyone who responded. I know what my friends and I do is not the norm now.
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