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Originally Posted by Axelai View Post
I do believe my own edits on the photos came out good, and my photographers liked my edits and kept them. If there were a problem with it, they'd have not given me permission in the first place.

Thank you everyone who responded. I know what my friends and I do is not the norm now.
I would say it's by no means unusual among friends, or even people you know, especially if they're known to be photoshop experts or artists. You exchange and use whatever it makes sense to exchange and use, sometimes the raw is the best starting point; it just depends on what the expert / editor / artist wants to do with a photo.

Among strangers there is a little more suspicion because there have been enough cases of unscrupulous individuals doing things like asking for raws or high-res or unedited photos when they are not the person in the photo, stuff like that.
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