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Originally Posted by RisaSparkle View Post
Wow, everyone has made so much progress on their cosplays! Dragon age cosplay love !

But I have a question :/ because I'm new at this...

I was planning out my Isabela cosplay and I think everything is working out, (and yes, I will be wearing shorty pants under, unlike her >.>) but then I remember she has all that bloody jewellery! And I just have no idea how to go about this, because I want it to look good and like its golden...but i lack epic powaahh tools or anything like that..what materials should I use?

So any Morrigan cosplayers who've made morrigans jewellery, how did you do that? or anyone who's worked with making cosplay jewellery in general, how to make??

And she has a stud on her chin...I suppose glueing the stud onto my face, but piercing is out! Is there a special kind of face glue..?

Also, I am so excited to see when that Fenris cosplay from Bhutas is all finished <3 squee!

I cosplayed Morrigan and I used sculpey. It's durable and not too heavy or too light for the crazy stuff she was wearing, and it should work really well for Isabela too, since their jewelry is very similar xD

I did mock-ups with paper to check size first then tried to match it.
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