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I do hall photos[...] Zenfolio..
High five! Another Zenfolio user!

Originally Posted by Axelai View Post
Do you do all your own photo editing, or do you sometimes allow the model to edit the photos a bit?
I process all my photos. My processing includes color correction, contrast adjustments, and exposure compensation. As far as throwing the image into photoshop, I don't have time to do every single picture and detracts from the subject.
Given the choice, I wouldn't allow the model to edit my photo. I feel that it violates the work I put into the creative process only for someone to ruin it. It also reflects poorly on me. I've found one person who cropped my watermark out for a FB avatar and I wasn't very happy about it since there was no credit. Just as cosplayers work hard on their costumes, so do photographers with pictures. I can only thrive off the watermark and credit. Without either, no one knows who took the photo and I can't grow.
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