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Originally Posted by cosIT View Post
I process all my photos. My processing includes color correction, contrast adjustments, and exposure compensation. As far as throwing the image into photoshop, I don't have time to do every single picture and detracts from the subject.
Given the choice, I wouldn't allow the model to edit my photo. I feel that it violates the work I put into the creative process only for someone to ruin it. It also reflects poorly on me. I've found one person who cropped my watermark out for a FB avatar and I wasn't very happy about it since there was no credit. Just as cosplayers work hard on their costumes, so do photographers with pictures. I can only thrive off the watermark and credit. Without either, no one knows who took the photo and I can't grow.
Okay but here's where editing can come in, if you don't have the time to do every picture in photoshop and someone else wants to do that for their pictures (the pictures you took of them), why not? Making really good cosplay photos is a team effort to begin with. To me, there is nothing wrong with letting someone else be involved in the post-processing part of your work, especially if you don't have that time yourself.

And having a good starting point for editing can help to avoid wasted work, ie. if you are doing color correction, contrast, exposure, and luminance curve adjustments, and the cosplayer wants to spend more time retouching but is otherwise happy with your photo, their starting point should be where you stopped, not the raw or original unprocessed .jpg / photo.

For credit, I think it's more based more on who you know, and who likes to work with you. The truly remarkable photographers I know have such a distinctive style that people 'in the know' will look at their photos and know it's theirs. For most everyone else, when people look at a photo online, the photographer, credit, a watermark, etc. is pretty much ignored, they look and say 'cool costume' and then typically move on.

Who likes to work with you -- follow-up can be important here, even the seemingly trivial ie. determining which pictures to process and which to discard.

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