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Okay, I officially have some fucking progress. I'm so excited, that profanity was needed xD

My mother cut my wig today And it looks amazing. I just need to do some styling/straightening work with it to make it 100%. I also did a make-up test (minus the blood smear). I found her make-up to be very difficult. It's kinda hard to see what colors she's using (in the reference I had with me at the time). And I thought having eyeliner around my whole eye would look totally stupid, but it didn't.

Then, I accidentally was late to work and didn't have time to take off the wig and fix my real hair, so I just wore it to work xD And the make-up lasted the whole time. The only thing I didn't have was blush. I never use blush so I don't own any. I'd have to look closer to see what shade (if any) I'd need. PICTURES IN 3...2...1...

Hawke 1
Hawke 2
Hawke at Work!

I'll try to do the rest of the styling this week and maybe test the blood smear. If I can, I'll do that the same day I get my Kirkwall & Champion symbol stickers for my car so I can take a picture of both at the same time

Also, great Merrill tattoos, lissiekun! And Lady Muramasa, it would be SO AWESOME if you did Meredith. As crazy as she is, I really like her design.
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