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Comic Cozzle sells comics and related items. ^ ^ There is one in Gangnam. ^ ^ I know there are more but Ive been to that one.

I wish that site had larger contacts. T ^T i need at least a 14.2mm lens because of my stupid eyes. T ^T

I just go off base nearby for contacts. Why dont you just take a korean friend with you? Most optometry places have circle lenses (cosplay lenses or lenses with vibrant colours defined by the limbal ring on the lens) or just plain coloured contacts. ^ ^ Out in Korea-land, they average at about 30,000W to 50,000 won a pair. ^ ^

I order contacts from pinky paradise. ^ ^ They have prescription and non prescription lenses there. ^ ^ I'm not sure how much shipping is to korea because I have a US address on base. D: But! If you wanna order from them, I cant tell you how to get it sent here and I can either meet up with you or mail them to you through the korean post.

Con activities vary by month. For example, last time, Saturday was a slow day with a smaller turn out because the talent show/masqarade/pretty much all events were on Sunday. There were a TON more people. The time before that I think all the events were on Saturday though. I'm getting all the times Ive gone all mixed up anymore. XD ;;;; This next Seoul Comic World has the Anime singing contest and a doujin battle on Sunday. Seems like saturday doesn thave too much happening...
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