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Originally Posted by Axelai View Post
Here's a question, I'm genuinely wondering.

Do you do all your own photo editing, or do you sometimes allow the model to edit the photos a bit?

I ask because the three photographers I've ever done much with, they've all sent me the raw files and I edited them myself (as I'm self conscious about the bit of acne that shows through my makeup, as well as a few other things). And this isn't for like, crazy photo manipulation things. Just very normal looking shots.

So... is what i do the norm? Or the exception?
I only deliver finished photos. That means that they've been edited by me or by a professional-quality retoucher I work with. We release photos that are edited to commercial standards, and have never had a negative reaction when it comes to the level of processing.

However, I don't give out RAWs, and I'm generally not OK with a cosplayer or third-party individual processing my photos. The style I choose to use in my processed photos is as much a part of my overall style as the photos themselves. (I process very lightly aside from touchups, but that's as much of a style choice as heavy filtering is.) I'm sure people will view that as overly controlling or egotistical about my work, but I have a certain style and don't want that misrepresented to somebody who might shoot with me. There's a chance that if I like a processing decision, the cosplayer could run it by me and I'd approve it, but it hasn't happened yet.
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