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Originally Posted by Satine View Post
I got my shoes today They have the exact same heel as that used on the display costume:

I need to make new uppers and also paint them white but these are from the same mold
These are Taildrop by Nine West and other shoes with this heel are Twisted by Nine West and Pumpkin by Romantic Soles. All of these are out of stock most places but they canbe found on auction sites
YES! I could kiss you! LOL! Those shoes are definately the closest to the SIREN shoes! Perfect! I want to go with those if I can even find them, thank you for posting your find!

Originally Posted by Silvana_Girl View Post
Okay, here's my question... Has anyone read through that HUGE thread on:

Enough to find out where the hex print fabric is? I'm seriously going to kill my self reading through all the pages to find it, although I am gaining a lot of good info. As long as I can get the fabric, I have the rest of the costume figured out, which is very excitingggg. <3

Thanks all!
That Tron Legacy Costume main thread that's going on in the RPF yes, is very long, but yes, very informative. Worth the read though if any of you here seriously want to learn how to make your Quorra or Sam costumes. Not too much info. in that particular thread in regards to the making of Gem Siren or Zeus's costumes though.

I am on there all the time and hardly on these forums when it comes to needing latest info. on the making of the Tron costumes. Just thought I'd pop in here and share some of my latest findings with you all in regards to which lights to use and the HEX fabric.

Now, if you look for SOULINERTIA in the Tron planning thread, he is the one to talk to about getting the HEX fabric screen printed for you. I sent him my fabric and he screen printed it for me. Contact him or if you know how to screen print and create your own HEX pattern, go for it and do the work yourself!

Originally Posted by VampireKitten View Post
EL Tape is difficult because it is extremely difficult to make angles work properly. It might look right for some things, but others I would suggest EL paper/sheet.
In regards to the lighting issues for the Tron suits. Members on the RPF Tron Planning thread have been using product. I don't like them. For one, their El Tape does not glow that bright BUT it can be bent at angles which I just recently found out and Two, I don't like their product because they don't offer different widths.

One of the members shared this link after posting his Sam and Quorra suits, their lights were so bright, I was amazed and a little jealous that I didn't find this company from the very start.

My Quorra lighting is White El Wire which was diffused, this was RPF members, Eddie's idea that came up with this method. It was the best way to get a solid line strip for your lights using El Wire, since EL Wire is the cheapest less expensive route.

Well, member Sheol posted the link to - LUMINOUSFILM.COM

This site is a god send I tell you! It is El Panel Tape (Lite Tape), glows way brighter than Glowhut's El Tape, offers all kinds of different widths from 1/4" to 30 ft. wide and any length you want.

You can bend the LF Lite Tape at 90 degree angles and also they offer these cool EYELET connectors which you connect next to each side of the "SCRIBE" line (makes it light up) back to your inverter meaning. You can order widths to design the circles on Quorra or Sam's suits and use the light tape strips to make the right length you need and the angles that are in their costumes.

Please have a look at Luminous They are MAGIC! and their prices aren't TOO bad. Cheaper than

I am redoing my Quorra costume, lighting ONLY, for the 3rd and last time with White Split Electroude Lite Tape El Panel. I am not satisfied with the diffused El Wire light effect and NEED and WANT the ultimate brightness. I have posted a photo of my El Panel in white.

I also posted the Glowhut product in, blue El Tape, so you can see how it bends too, but the sides don't even light up.

Here are the links so you can compare all 3 of these Light Tape (El Tape) companies the RPF members are currently using.
tech sheet how to make the angles and the Eyelet connectors - TECH SHEET (BLAH! >P don't offer widths, not that bright) (pricey but excellent product)
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