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Originally Posted by Electrogirl View Post
My experience with China based cosplay-wigs was positive, but it's nice to see a small American based wig seller. I've been looking to purchase the "Yosh! Princely Hero Type" for my Tamaki and Eiri Yuki cosplays.. but was wondering about the color. Im interested in more of a natural blonde, not gold.. so I hope that the color is what Im searching for when I place my order. I JUST received a blonde Twiggy from the awesome Kayla on here but was not impressed with the quality. Good thing I bought it a bit cheaper, I guess. LockedxxHeart, your Arthur wig looks great, btw!
Thank you so much!
I definitely reccomend this wig for a Tamaki cosplay. It's the right shade of blonde, pretty easy to put on, and it was incredibly easy for me to style for my England cosplay. Plus the price for the quality was a steal!
And believe me, this wig is far from gold. I do think it could pass as a natural color (if you have platinum blonde hair), but I absolutely adore the color. I think it'd work quite nicely for your Tamaki cosplay.

If you have any more questions on this wig feel free to let me know, since I own it and have for...five months? Eh, whatever xD!
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