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Name of Commissioner TeL / Blackmarket Studios
Website/ gallery
Character commissioned and series/video game Apollo from Genesis of Aquarion
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item coming
Timeline Comissioner approached me from a coscom advert on 9/7/2010. Details were ironed out and a 75% down-payment made on 9/9/2010. Deadline was End of November 2010. Costume was recieved on Feb 10, 2011. Sizing/final costume repair completed/recieved on April 4, 2011.

Describe your Experience. I posted an advert for this comission on coscom's marketplace and was approached by TeL directly about the job on behalf of her costuming group. They had a stellar portfolio and offered me a killer price for the work I wanted done. I had only one reservation: no feedback on coscom... So I took a day or two to dig around the forums and found a user who had delt with them before. She told me that her commission was incredibly late, but also that the work was beautiful and that she was satisfied. With this in mind, I set my deadline as the end of November when I really needed the costume in late December, and went ahead ironing out the details.

A 75% down payment was made through paypal and I was given a facebook account through which to contact the comissioner's boyfriend(?) Noel Catillo, who seemed to be handling the comission. He was not making the costume, rather "our seamstress" was (seamstress remained nameless and quiet throughout)... so anything said about the construction process came through him. He was simple enough to contact, but early on in the process seemed detatched and rather absent-minded about the whole thing.

Nov 12th and 27th I was promised progress images and "shipment soon" by TeL. Nothing came of this.

I emailed or messaged about once a month and then once every two weeks as the deadline approached to remind Noel that I was still waiting.

He contacted me on December 17th telling me that the costume was ready. Uh... great, but I was about to head out the door for 2 weeks to attend the event the costume was originally supposed to be worn at. I recieved this message on December 19th and asked him to wait until I returned to send the package after I got back in January as it was very likely it would miss me and be sent back or held by the post office.

On Jan 4th, I paid the balance attatched to a message about the costume.

Noel didn't notice the payment until I sent him a message on Jan 11th at which point he said he was now "processing" the transfer.

That is the last I heard from Noel.

No costume. No more contact.

So I switched from dealing with Noel to Krystal (TeL herself) and brought my issues to her directly.

Jan 25th I received her reply. On the 26th I had a tracking code.

When I recieved the costume there was a sizing issue (a dropped measurement on their requested measurements chart). I brought the issue to TeL and she promised the repair for the cost of shipping without my returning the fist pair. The repair was completed and photographed March 3. I received them in early April and was not required to pay any additional shipping. I also recieved the necklace and armband accessories at no extra charge.

Pros: The costume I recieved was spot-on to what I requested and the references I provided, complete with limited propwork ~ oversized shoes and the dreamcatcher accessory. Corners haven't been cut on construction either and the texturing on the vest and pants seems to be all hand-done. Colors are a good match and materials breathe well. It will be a great summer costume.

The price was, frankly, highway robbery. I would have expected to pay more to all but the most half-assed of Chinese factories for a custom job of any level of difficulty. What I recieved is, in my opinion, worth more than I paid for it.

Cons: It was 4 months late. Communication with Noel was pretty shitty and throughout the process I felt as though I was being shifted to the back burner in order to pursue personal cosplay projects, mall promotions, store openings, etc.

Given how late it was, it wasn't of much use at the event I intended it for... and since I didn't wait around on it, I haven't made any other plans for it. So now I have a costume with no purpose. I'm sure I'll find one eventually... but it did rather throw a wrench in things not to have it when I actually needed it ^^;;

I'm not sure how functional the oversized shoes are going to be in the way they were constructed (intact, flat, immovable soles made from foam).

Final Grade: B-
A+ work and pricing with D service :/
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