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Thanks for the sites! I ordered the contacts from the site you gave me. I haven't tried them on yet, but my boyfriend did and they don't fit completely over his pupils... It's sort of creepy @_@
The Dreambag website will come in handy when I move :P I want to keep my suitcase lighter

@Magical Machete
Thanks for the information about the contacts~ I ordered from the site that Dormouse recommended. Though I haven't tried them on yet, my bf has and it doesn't fit over his pupils properly. I'm hoping I don't have that problem. I do really appreciate all the info, just in case I do run into problems with the contacts.

Do you participate in any of the events? What exactly is a doujin battle? Is it a drawing contest? Will you be going to the May 15/16th con? How long do you normally spend at a convention?
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