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I personally think people wearing US military uniforms when not is the military is tacky. ^ ^;;; Well,,, The camo aspect of it. I can see why you could possibly like the dress uniforms... But I see far too many people running around in digi camo bottoms, a BDU top, and then something stupid like flip flops. lol IDK. Maybe if I saw someone make a decent outfit I wouldnt be so appalled. LOL

And even though I am in the Army, one of my good friends owns an SS Nazi uniform that ran him about $600. It's completely accurate from the material to the trim and buttons. ^ ^ I love it to bits. LOL When I'm freezing at a con cause I'm too lazy to line my cosplays, the jacket from that uniform is more than enough to keep me warm xD

Also, please don't wear ribbons you didnt earn... That's a big no-no. Because it's against the law. We enlisted so that the people who aren't serving don't have to. Without us fighting voluntarily, you or your loved ones would be drafted. So don't be so cruel to the military. We give away our rights so you can keep yours.
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