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Name of Merchant: iFunPlay


Item purchased: long light blonde wig

Pictures: (Braids look terrible ;-; Have to redo them)

Timeline: Ordered 4/10, Shipped 4/11, Arrived 4/18

The shipping was fast! I needed a long blonde wig for a Taokaka cosplay and con was only 2 weeks away. I heard iFunPlay had fast shipping so I decided to order from them and the wig came out great! It's well packaged, very soft, and for its price, the wig came out pretty thick.

Cons: None really. But the wig tangles a bit, but that's what's expected from a very long wig.

Final Grade: A+


Name of Merchant: Cosplay Wig


Item purchased: Noctis wig

Pictures: Have none

Timeline: Forgot when I ordered, but shipping took a week.

I ordered a Noctis wig from Fantasy Sheep, but the hooks broke and it was shedding like crazy, and the back was pretty thin. So I ordered a Noctis wig from Cosplay Wig and I was surprised at how fast it came (didn't have tracking number provided) and it was thicker than the Fantasy Sheep wig. It was also very soft.

Cons: Can't think of any...

Final Grade: A+
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